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Business Registration Terms of Agreement and Code of Conducts:
Integrity, mutual trust, customer satisfaction, and honesty are the four (4) pillars upon which Global Business Portal conducts its business. Global Business Portal functions as a bridge between you, the seller and our valued global visitor shoppers who are potential buyers of your products or services and it is extremely important that you as the seller of these products or services adhere and accept the following Terms of Agreement and
Code of Conducts:
1.) That all products or services offered by you and your business are real, genuine and can be and will be delivered as promised and on time.
2.) That all stated discounts or rebates for all categories of your products or services are real and you and your business intend to honor and deliver them as advertised.
3.) That you and your business stand behind the proper and prompt fulfillment of all advertised discounts and rebates and will take the necessary steps to solve any problems which might arise as a result of any customer dissatisfaction.
4.) That if your business has a website, all websites will be visited and verified prior to their inclusion into our system. Global Business Portal reserves the right to accept or reject a website for it’s inclusion into our system based on the contents of the website.
All websites which consider to be offensive and not appropriate for public to visit by Global Business Portal discretion will be automatically rejected with full refund being issued to the business participant and site webmaster.
5.) That Global Business Portal by no means is responsible for any misbehavior and misconduct of all its business participants into it’s system due to their failure to deliver as advertised by them or provide proper and on-time customer service when requested.
6.) That if Global Business Portal receives 10 written complaints regarding your business misconduct and violation of our online terms of Agreement and Code of Conducts, after careful investigation, we reserve the right to terminate your business participation into our system with no refund back to you.
By submitting this registration form to us, you are hereby accepting the above code of conducts and will be bind by its provisions.